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Our Activities

At the Wind Club we offer a range of different activities on and off the water. We also provide modest accommodation 5 minutes walk from the beach.

Join us for a catamaran lesson


Catamaran classes begin with basic theory about:

  • The equipment
  • How to set up the catamaran
  • How to be safe on the water
  • How to control the Top cats
  • Wind direction

We then set sail and safely discover the fascinating beauty of Hisarönü bay.

Maximum 4 people per catamaran.

Come hiking with us


We are so lucky to have such a beautiful place centred in Hisarönü. There are many different routes we can explore, perhaps going to the top of castle ruins, the local village, the forest or visiting a neighbouring bay.

Experiencing such magical nature will leave you wanting more and more.

Come for a kayak safari


Kayak sessions begin with a brief safety explanation and how to paddle properly. Moving forwards and backwards and being able to turn.

When everyone is ready and confident we hit the water enjoying the scenery and discovering the natural wonders around us.

Fly into a kitesurf lesson


Beginner Kite Surf classes start off the water, with a complete rundown of safety and how to understand wind.

You will learn how to set up the kite, control the kite and feel comfortable.

You will then be taken to the water to try out body dragging and other control exercises.

Then getting on the board, changing directions and riding.

Kite surf classes are most beneficial when you have a minimum of 3 days for all of the theoretical and practical sessions to soak in.

Ride the tranquil ocean with a SUP class

SUP: Stand Up Paddle

Using beginner windsurf boards SUP sessions begin with a brief safety explanation and how to paddle properly. Moving forwards and backwards and being able to turn. We set out early morning to enjoy the peace and tranquillity.

Sessions are always weather dependent. We like to explore different bays or sometimes try bringing our yoga practice to the water with SUP yoga.

Harness the wind with our windsurf lessons


Beginner wind surf classes, getting to grips with the kit, learning different wind conditions and the basics of wind surf which include:

  • Sensing wind direction
  • Understanding 'safety position'
  • Practise steering
  • Start moving
  • Turning

They consist of theory and practical both on and off the water.

To be fully prepared you will need to bring a swimsuit, sun cream, plenty of water and enthusiasm.

Find your flow with our yoga sessions


In need of a little self care? We have a Yoga class to suit you.

Fancy a nice gentle release, or maybe you prefer a harder workout. Don't worry we've got you covered.

Whatever your ability, expertise or needs may be, we’ve got a class for you.

Each class will teach you the importance of breathing (pranayama) and moving through some basic asanas to help the mind, body and soul feel great!

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